If you are a proud owner of a gas fireplace, how confident are you that your gas fireplace will last through the cold season without any problems? Have you done your due diligence to prepare your gas fireplace for the season?

Here are some tips to guide you and help you prepare your modern gas fires for when the winter comes.

The Manual

Consult the owners’ manual that came with your gas fireplace. It contains a lot of vital information about your fireplace from how to operate it to maintenance procedures and schedules.

Reading your fireplace manual is the responsible thing to do to ensure your fireplace is in tiptop condition when you need it most. If by mistake you have misplaced your manual, you can go to the manufacturer’s online site and download a copy.

If a specific maintenance task proves too difficult to do yourself, you can check some online tutorials or call your manufacturer’s hotline.

Annual Cleaning and Inspection

Perform the annual inspection and cleaning. Although one of the attractive features of a gas fireplace is low maintenance, a regular inspection of your unit is required.

Licensed gas inspectors are keen to detect even the most minute of problems because they are trained to do so. Problems with your unit no matter how small can ignite unwanted fires. This should be avoided at all costs.

Inspection costs and regular cleaning of modern gas fires are relatively low because they don’t produce much in terms of wastes. Also if at all possible, purchase units from reliable manufacturers who know the value of after sales support. This guarantees the quality of your gas fireplace unit and ensures quality service for a long time.

Keep Flammable Items Away

As a matter of safety, avoid putting flammable items close to your gas fireplace. Plastics like children’s toys, pets’ toys, fabrics, paper and the like should be kept away from your gas fireplace.

The minimum prescribed safe distance is three feet. Make sure your gas fireplace is equipped with a safety barrier to help you keep things safe from the open flames.

Inspect Smoke Detectors

Always check the integrity of your detectors. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are there for a reason. They provide an extra blanket of safety for gas fireplace unit owners. Always make sure your sensors are functional. Check to see that batteries are always fresh. Keep a record of when batteries were changed to make sure.

Replace the batteries of your gas fireplace receiver and remote control same time as your sensors.  While you are in the process of replacing batteries, you might as well replace the batteries of your receiver and your remote.

The receiver of your modern gas fires acts as a backup power supply that allows you to light up you gas fireplace even if there is no electricity.  If it comes with a remote controller, better change the battery in those as well.


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