Bedroom, big or small sized and being the most important place in your home should be given utmost importance when it comes to home improvement ideas. Bear in mind that even the most social and outgoing people need a quiet place to rest and relax.

Also, your bedroom should be a place full of tranquility and peace. It should be a place where you can freely curl up and read books, catch up with your favorites TV series, and most importantly getting that coveted 8-hour sleep.

Hence, it is essential that aside from just having a plain bedroom, a well-organized, themed, and the designed room can promote a well-optimized sleep. So, why do think that it’s vital to have a relaxing and well-designed personal space? Here are some tips that will aid you in creating a more interesting and serene small private space.

Maintain Light and Bright Colors

Having a white-themed color and lighting for your bedroom brings you a more practical choice. It prevents your room from looking too busy and boxed in. Instead of you feeling like being closed in a small space, brightens up your whole room and looks like being expanded.

Besides, if you are a person who’s afraid of being in the dark and wants to cope up with small bedroom spaces, invest your layer of white lightings with different room textures. Put some metallic lamps or patterned throws to put a little more personality to your room.

Plunge Your Bed into the Corners

Most people at any given household would like to have their bed at the center of the room. This setup might be possible if you have a big space; however, for small rooms that have limited space and your looking to maximize it, pushing your bed into the corner helps your room make a little bigger.

Moreover, it does not only add an extra space to your room but it also makes your sleep more comfortable and cozier. If you feel that having this kind of setup brings your place to a college dorm style, installing a headboard corner brings out a more personal style.

Get Rid of Bulky Bed Frames

Some people believe that the bigger the bed frame makes your bed more comfortable. It’s somehow true but for small spaces, you have to get rid of your big headboards and look for something that’s simple and easy to move bed frameworks.

You may also choose to have Hollywood frames that help extends your mattress. Lastly, aside from having big headboards, you may add decors to your room to look more presentable and personal.

Smooch A Minimalistic Style

In any given interior and exterior designs, creating a minimalist theme never goes out of style. See to it that in order to achieve a more peaceful and quiet personal space, you pair your bedroom with personal essentials that you’re used to.

It’s would also be helpful if you take care of using contemporary and sleek built-in storage. This will help you expand your storages and makes it look like not even in your room. These built-in storages do not only make your bedroom look a little bit bigger but it also promotes a better sleeping nook.

Magnify with Mirrors

What else do you think helps best in expanding your personal space? Yes, mirrors help in expanding the space of a small bedroom by making an illusion to make it bigger. In addition, if you position that mirror where it reflects the natural light coming from the window also aids in getting a brighter room.

If you’d like to get an ideal mirror which can be incorporated in your space, get a whole body mirror and lean it against the wall. It will surely give you peace of mind and satisfaction and attaining an expanded space.

Settle Vertically

When you get a limited space but your ceilings are way up high, consider in settling all your things vertically. You can add a loft above your bed in which you can make this as a place for storage and at the same time having your table and seat arranged underneath.

Work with Wallpapers

Just because you have a limited bedroom space doesn’t mean it needs to look dull and dry.  Working and adding wallpapers makes your personal space more lively and interesting. Most people may find wallpapers that adds clutter, however, if you choose the right design and technique when adding it, you’re going to attain the opposite of it.

The hint is if you’d like to select wallpapers for your room, look for something that has large scale designs because they do not look like as busy as the small ones.


Believe it or not, having a personal space that promotes an organized and personal taste makes your mood a little lighter and brings out a different way of thinking and feeling. All of us need a comfortable and quiet place to come up with solutions to all the problems that were encountered daily.

For this purpose, your bedroom can be more interesting and lovable when you dedicate an ample time making it look better especially if you have small spaces. Lastly, aside from the tips discussed above, you may also seek a piece of advice from expert concrete contractors found in your area so you can achieve having a place you can call your own.