Natural lighting, also known as ambient lighting, can create a peaceful environment for you to relax after an exhausting day. Also, bringing a sense of natural lighting to a dimly lit room can help make it an attractive place to enjoy and trick the mind into thinking your small apartment may have gained some square footage. Here are 5 fixtures that will help your living space come alive with natural lighting and help boost the atmosphere in your home to one that is warm and inviting.

  1. Recessed or Track Lighting

A simple solution for light in any type of room, big or small, is recessed or track lighting. When strategically placed, this fixture can provide sufficient lighting for a space, especially when used with incandescent bulbs. This soft source of light emits signals to your brain causing you to relax and promote better sleep.

  1. Chandeliers and Pendants

Large or bold ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants can bring attention upward, making your space feel larger and more open. But, it is important to note that no matter how beautiful or decadent a chandelier may be, you must use other light sources to make it shine and enhance your room. This classic look along with the help of other sources of light, can be the solution your living room, foyer or even bathroom is asking for!

  1. Wall Sconces

If you happen to be working with limited space, wall sconces are a great way to implement light to your home without using up precious floor or table space with large, clunky lamps. Sconces can also bring light to a space without making the room feel even smaller, like overhead lighting tends to do. Also, adding sconces to a room with other types of lighting is an efficient way to make the room seem naturally lit, bringing a greater sense of balance to the space.

  1. Task Lighting

It’s important to keep in mind, that although you are shooting for an aesthetically pleasing area full of natural light, it is still important to consider the areas of your house that practically need more focused lighting. In places such as your kitchen, that may not have many windows, task lighting underneath your cabinets can supply you with the light that you need to adequately see your counter space. Remember, these fixtures such as accent lighting fixtures or table lamps, don’t necessarily have to take away from the ‘natural’ appeal, but provide a more focused light for specific tasks.

  1. Dimmers

“When it comes to making your space feel naturally lit, you want to have as much control of brightness as possible”, says Dennis Haws of All Star Construction. A great way to adjust the lighting according to your mood or the time of day is to install dimmers on your light switches. You can install dimmers for each of your permanent fixtures, or you can choose lamps that have high/low switches or three bulbs which can help you control the amount of light that is emitted throughout your space.

Final Thoughts

The type of light fixtures you choose for your space can either make or break the feel that you are wanting for your home. But it doesn’t have to be too tricky. Once you have decided on which fixtures are most practical for the natural light you are trying to achieve, be sure to look for the right kind of material (i.e. metal, glass, wood, concrete) of the fixture so that it matches your overall look. Also, don’t forget simple tricks like strategically placing mirrors across from the windows you may have, so that you can make your room look large and reflect the natural light that is coming in. With the right fixtures and easy tricks, you should be able to enjoy a relaxing ambience of natural light in no time!