We take our members online security and privacy very seriously. We have adopted strict policies and guidelines to govern our practices and procedures in the collection, usage and access of user information.

The following privacy statements apply to The General Privacy Policy Statements applying to the Web site and affiliated web sites are found at

What information we collect

A. When a user connects to our server to download a file or open a page, we log the following:
* The host name or IP address connecting;
* The date and time;
* The file or page requested;
* The result of that request;
* The referring site; and
* The version of the web browser you used, as reported to us by the web browser.

We also log “click throughs” made in response to any promotion appearing on a web page.

B. In addition to the above, the following information is also collected:

1. When you sign up as a member using our online form, we collect the following information which you enter into the form:
* Your name;
* Your email address;
* Your city and country of residence

Information on city and country of residence is for demographic purposes to help us in planning what services we can provide to meet the needs of the general profile of our members. There may be occasions where we obtain information on your birth year as additional check to authenticate your identity when you (or someone claiming to be you) contact us.

2. When you use our Tell-a-Friend or Recommend WOWSARAP links, we collect your name and email address as well as the name and email address to whom you’re sending the page.

3. When you send us an email using our online form, including Contact Us, we collect your name, your email address, and subject of your query or message.

What we do with the information

We are not members of any mailing list organisation. We do not sell information collected from our users, members, subscribers and correspondents. Neither do we share information with third or external parties except where we are required by applicable legislation, or except as explicitly stated below.

1. Collected as a result of a connection to our server

We use this information to determine patterns of interest in our web site and other network sites, and to determine what material is of most interest to the people accessing our web sites. This influences our decisions on what new material and information to include.

2. Collected when you join as a member

This is used to contact you and to authenticate your identity when you correspond with us. We use this information for billing and accounting purposes. We also use this information to draw up a general profile of our membership. We do not draw up individual profiles of our members. NOTE: We do not collect, or store, credit card information when subscriptions are paid. Payment details are handled by PayPal, our secure credit card processor.

3. Collected when you submit feedback, using Contact Us

This is used to respond to you, if necessary. Your details are not left in our server.

4. Collected when you use the social bookmarks

This is used to send your message and to identify for the recipient the name of the sender (you) and the email address in case the recipient would like to reply. Our server do not store the names and email addresses collected from these links as these are automatically deleted once processed.

How to get access to your information we have recorded

We are required to give access to or make corrections to personal information that we have recorded on you. This only applies to information that can be readily identified with an individual.

There are also cases where request for access or corrections to personal information may attract fees.

To get access to the information:

1. Collected as a result of connecting to our server.

Since this information is not normally identifiable with an individual, it is thus is not normally personal information within the meaning of the law. However, if you can be specific about the system you connected from, and you can establish to our satisfaction that the connection does correspond to you, and that there is a reasonable means that a person could use to cross-reference this to you, we can provide you with a copy of the records.

This information is not subject to correction, as it is factual information that was necessarily correct at the time of collection.

Additionally, the individual facilitating access to information collected under section 1(a) may charge a fee for their time taken to identify, extract and provide this information, even if they determine that there is no information that is readily identifiable with you. A minimum charge of $75.00 (Australian dollars) is collectd prior to any charged work being undertaken.

2. Collected when you join as a member

Your personal details are accessible only by our site administrators, and these are permanently deleted from our server once your membership is cancelled. When you join as a registered member, you are given access to your own control panel which allows you to retrieve, and amend, your personal information.

3. Collected when you contact us using your normal email client or our online form (feedback, contact us)
Unless your arrangement with us proceeds to a continuing basis, we delete your email address from our records after we have actioned on your query.

Acceptable Uses Policy

All member web sites of the EMANILA.COM GROUP are required to observe, in addition to the Privacy Policy Statements, the following Acceptable Uses Policy:

* Not to send unsolicited bulk email

* Not to send unsolicited email that advertises a web page or other service

* Not to use unsolicited bulk email from directing responses of any kind

* Not to send emails with attachments to any member without prior arrangements.

If you need more information, please use our online form to contact Managing Director, EMANILA.COM PTY LTD