What is WowSarap?

Wow! Sarap… is about good food that Filipinos love to eat. And it’s also about Filipino or Filipino-style food that non-Filipinos have enjoyed over the years.

Wow! Sarap… is, in fact, about food — good food.

It is thus not surprising that in addition to the many recipes of authentic and traditional Filipino dishes, Wow! Sarap… includes recipes of non-Filipino dishes like “satay,” “kebabs,” “siopao” and many more similar recipes. Yes, the names may be non-Filipino, but these recipes definitely and undeniably bring forth that tastiness that Filipino dishes are well known for.

Wow? Of course, it means “smashing” or “knockout.” It is an expression of admiration or astonishment.

“Sarap”? It is a Tagalog word meaning: tasty, delicious, delectable, lip-smacking, luscious, appetizing. Or, simply “yummy.”

Who is WowSarap?

Wow! Sarap… (wowsarap.com) is a unit of EMANILA.COM PTY LTD, a company incorporated in New South Wales, Australia and headquartered in Sydney.

Our company’s flagship Web site is emanila.com – a place like home in the world wide web. We are the inaugural winner of the Technology Award of Australia’s National Multicultural Marketing Awards 2000, and we hold the distinction of being the first Philippine web site to win a national award in Australia.

According to the Awards body of the New South Wales government, emanila.com is the “largest and most comprehensive Filipino web site outside Manila.” For more information about emanila.com, visit our homepage.
Who are the people behind WowSarap?

Wow! Sarap… is run by the same people who have brought the emanila.com Web site to the many overseas Filipinos and their friends around the globe.

Romy Cayabyab, Managing Director, has over 25 years of experience in business information presentation, languages and social studies, publishing, electronic payments systems, and internet technology in the USA, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and Australia. Rom, Creative Director, has over 12 years of experience with large advertising and web design developers in Australia. Henry, Manager Membership Programme, has over 7 years experience in clients and members services.